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Subscribe to our newsletter.

Once a month we’ll send you a digest of our new blog posts – and once in a while we’ll send you a surprise.

We Don’t Just Give Out Normal Awards

It was a big day here at DAAKE. We recognized the people who best embodied our values of heart, wonder and excellence in 2017. And the person who was the trifecta – the best of all three. Congratulations! And, bobble on.

Left to right: Susan, Marissa, Steve, and Casey


Awards: Heart – Marissa, Excellence – Susan, Wonder – Casey, and Trifecta – Steve.

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Does Your Brand Have Meaning?

The meaning of life. The meaning of Christmas. The meaning of success. So many facets of our lives seem to derive value from their meaning.

What about brands?

A brand begins not as a blank slate but as an empty vessel. The vessel is the product, service, idea or organization the brand will represent. The brand is then built from two directions. The first is from the top down, as the vision of its uppermost leadership sets it in motion. The second direction is from the bottom up, as the product or service, and the people who make it or deliver it, give the brand its initial foundation.


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DAAKE Receives National Recognition for Healthcare Website

Omaha’s award-winning comprehensive branding and design firm DAAKE earns eHealthcare Leadership Award for its client, Nebraska Medicine.

DAAKE shares a Silver award for Best Overall Internet Site – Healthcare System with technology partner agency, Centretek, for This is Nebraska Medicine’s primary website, which was designed to improve usability across the site for patients, families, and providers.

The eHealthcare Leadership Awards is a leading awards program that recognizes the very best websites, digital communications, and business improvement initiatives of a wide range of healthcare organizations.   Entries in the 18th Annual eHealthcare Leadership Awards were judged based on a standard of internet/digital communications excellence and how they compared with others in their organization’s classification. This year, 116 individuals familiar with healthcare and the internet evaluated the entries. Winners were recognized on October 25, 2017 at the 21st Annual Healthcare Internet Conference in Austin, TX, and will be published in the December print edition of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends.

“Partnering with Nebraska Medicine and Centretek to create the new was an incredible opportunity to help elevate the healthcare system’s brand,” says company principal, Greg Daake. “This award represents the collaboration and creativity that goes into building a website as comprehensive as Nebraska Medicine’s.”


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Do You Trust Your Brand’s Positioning?

An hour ago you were at work. Then you got the call. There had been an accident. Your 7-year-old daughter was hurt when she fell down a flight of stairs at school. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Distraught and distracted, you are trying to process everything the doctor is telling you about the surgery that is about to take place. Has to take place. To help your daughter. Because she’s been hurt. Something about some stairs. And a concussion. And something, some bone, was broken.

“But she will be ok. . .”


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Brand Resiliency Continually Tested

Brands can be characterized for their longevity, creativity, familiarity and sustainability. But, what about a brand’s resiliency? Its “survivability?”

On November 21, 1980, a fire swept from a restaurant under construction through the casino area of the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas. Eighty-five people died and more than 700 were injured. It took some time, but the MGM rebounded after the fire. It did not go out of business; it built upon the reputation of its brand and showed its resiliency in the wake of tragedy. Today, the MGM is a gleaming showpiece of the Las Vegas strip, home to gamblers and concert-goers and some of the biggest boxing matches on the planet.


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