Webster Joins Forces with Daake! Learn More

Webster Joins Forces with Daake! Learn More


Branding an apartment complex to stand apart

Bluestone Development was building a new housing complex on a prized spot of real estate and wanted a concept with a fresh direction.

Our task was to find a name, identity, and brand story that could stand apart from the sea of the meaningless housing names. We wanted this apartment brand to be a signal to the young, hip, “vibe tribe” of Bluestone.

Before designing, we used some clarifying exercises to further understand Bluestone and their intentions with the new space. A particularly useful activity was when we put together a mood board with Bluestone staff. It allowed their team to select images that best represented their vision for this project. This provided a visual direction for our designers and further clarity for the Bluestone crew.

In order to be different, why not ZAG? From this identity, the brand developed and influenced all touchpoints. And with this main idea, everything from furniture, wall art, and even communal spaces could evolve from the overarching idea of ZAG.