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Turner Technology

This latest update fixes brand, stairwell, industry reputation

Tech companies should look savvy, not dated.


Turner Technology was one of the first technology solutions providers in the Omaha area. After 23 years of service, the business realized that it needed to refresh its brand and marketing efforts in order to stay relevant in the marketplace.

Newer providers looked more tech driven, although Turner’s knowledge and experience was hard to beat. Ultimately, Turner Technology needed to become more visible, doubling down on the idea that the company was and still is a thought leader in this industry.

Previous Brandmark

Through our rebranding process, a more clearly defined vision was created, as well as the realization that the Turner Technology name had some recognition but felt old-school compared to some of the latest competitors.

Leading internal interviews also pointed to the fact that Turner Technology was built on a solid value system, which had created and maintained a culture of teamwork and optimism among it’s employees. This “here for you” message also resonated with clients as a majority of the company’s solutions included training, customization and long-term relationships.

Updating Turner Technology to reflect the company’s vision while honoring its past started with its name. With the rebrand, the company minimized the use of “technology” in its name to the more conversational, relationship-based tone of simply Turner. This leveraged existing brand equity and served as the foundation for the entire brand experience.

The values, or The Turner Way was transitioned to the forefront of the company’s messaging with graphics to support the company’s personal touch on each clients’ needs, as well as the internal culture.


Bringing the rebrand to life externally included a new website and marketing materials.

Our process engaged all levels of management and team members, helping to clarify and guide the future of the company. In fact, the rebrand led to updating the company’s office space to further elevate the level of collaboration and partnership among staff. They even added a stairwell.