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Webster Joins Forces with Daake! Learn More

TD Ameritrade

Adding interest to internal communications

Proving that internal messaging can still be intrinsically interesting.

TD Ameritrade – one of the world’s largest online brokerage services – calls Omaha, Nebraska, home. With over 5,000 employees, the company faces the types of communications challenges endemic to all large enterprises. So, to ensure talking to the team wasn’t akin to talking to themselves, TD Ameritrade has repeatedly turned to us for help. And since we enjoy that sort of thing, we obliged.

We’ve chosen to highlight just three examples of the many projects produced over the years. The first focuses on TD Ameritrade’s community involvement efforts. The video and accompanying campaign were used to encourage employees to increase their volunteer efforts, and served as an example of the company’s culture when recruiting new hires. Fly Away with TDA was an internal rewards program that was itself rewarded by Graphis. Finally, the Client Wow program produced standees of actual TDA employees who had received praise from their customers.