Webster Joins Forces with Daake! Learn More

Webster Joins Forces with Daake! Learn More


Communicating leadership

Helping the industry leader look the part.

Founded in 1991, Telecom Brokerage, Inc. had grown to become the nation’s foremost telecom brokerage with headquarters in Chicago. But as their empire grew, their branding and advertising failed to keep pace. Which began to be a hindrance in attracting new partners, new clients and new revenue streams.

We went back to basics and took the client through our complete branding process, creating a platform, position and voice from which to build. From there flowed a subtle name change to TBI, a bolder logo and tagline, and a contemporary website designed to be a sales tool on the front end and a customer service gateway on the back. In short, the brand is now as modern as the technology services it offers.


Given the nature of their business, most visitors to the website are guided there by TBI salespeople or other contacts, so traffic numbers are bit irrelevant. We can say the implementation was exceptionally smooth, the folks at TBI – especially those in the C-suite – loved it, and their partners had nothing but praise for the new virtual digs.