Skutt Catholic High School

Branding to bring students and alumni together

Skutt Catholic High School came to us with a problem.

For years the school served as a quality Christ-centered option for students in the Omaha area. Yet over time, the school’s brand didn’t evolve to reflect the progressive nature of the school. Instead, multiple marks and messaging prevented the institution from being a strong, recognizable brand among other schools in the region.

Our approach to rebranding Skutt Catholic centered on bringing the school’s mission to life through clear and consistent branding. We worked with school administration to fully understand the heart and leadership behind Skutt’s mission: to form and educate young men and women to become Christian leaders who empower others, promote justice, and initiate change.

Keeping in mind its mission, the Daake team designed the brand to exhibit more meaning. This included incorporating feelings of empowerment, a balance of justice, and forward-thinking. Through our guidance, Skutt Catholic High School is equipped with a clear, strong look and feel that showcases the school’s determination, Christian foundation and passion for shaping future leaders.

From a graphic design standpoint, the new brand created consistency and simplified the number of marks the school uses (looking at you P.T.A.).

A bold typeface used in the logo and other marketing materials, combined with a modern mascot further elevate the sense of balance, strength, and school pride.

Overall brand awareness for Skutt Catholic has grown in the region, including a deeper sense of belonging among students, faculty and alumni.


Daake did a wonderful job of explaining the process they went through to get us to that logo...I looked at [it] completely differently, and loved it.

Tim Bloomingdale
Director of Admissions
Skutt Catholic High School