Signaling change to buyers through rebranding

Core values may be carved in stone, but goals are fluid. So are brand identities.

Delasco is the only dermatology chemical manufacturer that offers a broad range of dermatological products yet makes its chemicals in-house. That means specialized knowledge, guaranteed quality, and the ability to provide personalized customer service.

Previous Brandmark

Delasco wanted to let the world know it was engaged.

The rebranding process began with discovery. We went beneath the surface to find out what Delasco’s employees and customers thought about the company, and what they wanted to see in its future.

With that insight, we designed a comprehensive rebrand that defined Delasco’s identity and put focus on its most distinctive qualities. This has given customers and potential customers real reasons to take a closer look at the company and what sets it apart – the ability to provide best-in-class, best-value products for the dermatology industry in the U.S. and in 81 countries around the world.

By clarifying its brand message, Delasco is better able to emphasize its core values of service and quality – and concentrate on achieving current and long-term goals.