Reiver Athletic Performance Center

Branding a space to inspire performance, pride and competition

Training builds strength.
Strength builds pride.

When athletic programs aren’t intentional with their facilities it can impact recruiting, and the sense of pride players and fans feel upon entering the space.

Iowa Western Community College recently built the Reiver Athletic Performance Center to elevate the sense of pride and opportunity for physical fitness for its student athletes.

Throughout the impressive, $15 million facility, Daake helped the college use branded elements to further enhance the experience.

This includes large scale custom displays and paint schemes that are strategically placed throughout the performance center to assist in expressing each program’s accomplishments. This highly visual approach not only engages people as they move through the facility, it also helps build team pride and unity.

The designs apply the Iowa Western Reiver brand in stunning new ways. Reiver Football facilities are marked with a design that is both the stitching and outline of a football, and a subtle ship’s anchor noting the Reivers’ mascot.

The football program’s main attraction is the “transfer wall”. This representation of moving water is a visually interesting way to list all of the NCAA Division I Football Championship transfers: the ultimate achievement for any junior college player and a reflection of the quality of coaching available at Iowa Western.

In a stairwell leading to the wrestling training center, a wall-mounted television is framed by a map of Iowa. The map serves as a simple reminder of where many of the students and athletes were born and raised, and further elevates the sense of pride these student athletes should feel every time they walk the stairs.

Like the rest of the facility, there is intentional, branded inspiration in the halls and high on the walls in the wrestling area.

Inside the wrestling practice area, the walls exude a strong sense of Reiver pride. Branding surrounds the practice mats along with metal wall panels that are aesthetic yet functional for providing in-practice direction.

This facility is a perfect example of how branding can create an experience that results in powerful emotions, from pride and empowerment to reflection and personal growth.

Daake listened and communicated on a very high level throughout the project and completely overwhelmed us with the finished product. The evidence is one of the top facilities in the country at any level.

Jeremy Capo
Director of Athletics
Iowa Western