Two partners, one path forward

This is confusing for patients.

For years, Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital, the region’s first dedicated orthopaedic hospital, and OrthoWest, the state’s largest orthopaedic and musculoskeletal practice, pursued parallel paths. Each driven to offer leadership and outstanding patient experience, the entities began working together to further enhance their services.

However, the more their partnership grew, so did the confusion.

Rebranding has a way of unifying two organizations under a common flag. Building the right name became priority one. We worked closely with leadership from both entities, fostering collaboration and walking them through the creation of the right name.

The name, OrthoNebraska, quickly rose to the top as it honors the rich history behind both entities while celebrating a shared vision. From there, a brand platform and identity were created. Throughout the process, careful consideration was given to effectively launching the newly branded partnership, first internally to unite everyone together, and then externally to generate awareness and confidence.

The OrthoNebraska logo supports the new identity and vision by representing a journey — two entities working together along parallel paths. The color palette reflects a positive, healing spirit and the circular motion creates a sense of forward movement to support the new brand promise: Journey On.

An internal video showcases staff from both organizations, and brief interviews with members of leadership, to clearly outline and showcase their dedication and excitement for OrthoNebraska. Following the internal launch, new signage, website and external communications followed.

Coming together under a single name simplified the patient experience, united two separate cultures and cemented OrthoNebraska’s reputation as the region’s premier destination for orthopaedics.