NEST 529

One savings plan, two audiences

What makes this savings plan so special?

First National Bank had just produced a new college savings plan and wanted to launch it to a national audience. Where was the best place to start? In our work with the team, it became clear there needed to be a website for parents to access information. New financial products have important instructions to convey, and often come with continual updates. Because of this, there needed to be distinct spaces on the site where users can visit often to receive the latest news regarding the plan.

But what about the advisors?

The team also needed advisors to understand the details of the plan and how it can benefit their network. Although there was some crossover in information, the strategy and delivery needed to be different in order to effectively reach each audience.

So, we created another website.

Now, both parents and the advisors they trust have a clear platform to engage. Each speaks  directly to the specific needs of each audience. And just like the first website updates parents on relevant plan information, the advisor website is outfitted with rotating updates written specifically for them.