Nebraska Medicine & UNMC

Bringing ten thousand people together as one

America’s healthcare landscape is changing.

Consolidations are more common than ever because of ever-changing financial, technological and regulatory environments.

For the Nebraska Medical Center, Bellevue Medical Center, UNMC Physicians and the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), uniting under one banner was the answer for providing sustained and enhanced service. 

Previous Brandmarks

The newly integrated enterprise needed the branding strategy to definitively establish its unique presence in a competitively crowded marketplace. Daake led the rebrand with unity and transformation as the key drivers behind the creation of Nebraska Medicine.

Daake took an in-depth approach to fully understand the history and cultures of the three entities, as well as led conversation about what the future holds, including vision and goals. At its core, the rebrand needed to focus on establishing a united culture. One that demonstrates a shared passion for clinical service excellence, at a scalable size.

Through the rebrand, leaders rallied behind a single brand vision. This opened the door to shifting away from a destination brand to an extendable brand with global recognition. 

Existing brand equity was also considered, which led to the name, Nebraska Medicine, and the use of the brand promise: “Serious Medicine. Extraordinary Care.” Elements of the new brand identity support the brand promise and existing academic medical centers, bringing life to the organization’s authoritative, courageous, and serious personality.

Retaining strong brand elements allowed for a smooth transition into a consolidated organization.

Ongoing testing of the recall strength of the brand promise showed that within six months of the new brand launch, Nebraska Medicine saw a spike in recall.


In the process we generated a lot of fans so by the time it was launched it was a home run.

Tadd M. Pullin, FACHE
(Former) Senior Vice President of Marketing and Planning
Nebraska Medicine

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