Nebraska Medicine

A number worth noting

If a company is number 1 in the market, should it spend money on advertising?

Nebraska Medicine is one of the most esteemed academic medical centers in the region and consistently ranks among some of the best healthcare providers in the nation. U.S. News & World Report had just recognized Nebraska Medicine as being the top medical system in the state. Rather than patting itself on the back, Nebraska Medicine saw this an opportunity to tie the honor to its promise to patients and their families.

The strategy was simple: keep the message clear and place it where the most people in the area will see it… multiple times.  Our recommendation included producing billboards, web ads, print ads, which would serve in external locations. Pole banners and banner stands were created to utilize space within Nebraska Medicine’s vast facilities. In a region where healthcare competition is fierce, it became very clear who the leader really is. 

There is always an opportunity for greater market share and greater brand awareness. If a company is third in the market, it may be time to consider a rebrand.

If you’re number 1 and you can prove it; make sure everyone else knows it, too.