Hail Varsity

A magazine that performs well, win or lose

The athletic department at The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has an amazingly loyal fan base. But even the most committed, ready-made following won’t guarantee success for a rookie publication.

The publishers of Hail Varsity knew the odds they would face, so before they set foot on the field, they asked us to develop a brand identity that would give the new magazine a head start.

 Any brand focused on athletics has to be strong enough to withstand any season, win or lose.

Hail Varsity gives fans an in-depth look at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) football program as well as other athletic programs. Combining world-class photography, in-depth articles, insightful analysis and commentary in a well-designed magazine crafted of the highest quality materials, Hail Varsity displays a distinctive commitment to covering the Cornhuskers from start to finish.

Among the many aspects of the startup magazine’s identity, we developed motion and audio branding, and incorporated the official “Hail Varsity” pep song for the accompanying audio.

Visuals on the “HAIL” portion of the logo depict basketball, baseball, volleyball and football using the textures of the four different balls. This further illustrates the fact that while the magazine primarily covers Husker football, it does report on other UNL sports.

The result is a winning brand that has recruited a roster of eager subscribers along with nearly 50,000 Facebook followers.

And, the Hail Varsity website and radio show continue gaining popularity with Cornhusker fans everywhere.

I really believe that there’s no way we could have done that without Daake.

Aaron Babcock
Hail Varsity