Enable Savings Plan

A website strategy to better serve people with disabilities

“I’m not sure I believe you.”

You might hear a family member say that if you told them there was a savings plan specifically designed to shelter their loved one with a disability from taxes.

The legislation on this issue had recently changed. Instead of saving a couple thousand dollars without tax penalties, the new limit was a staggering $100,000. First National Bank wanted to offer this cutting-edge plan for those in need. Still, the plan needed a strong access point.

When the Enable team asked us to build a website, it quickly became clear that this needed to be a site that could cater to individuals with disabilities in every way possible. It should be a hub of information capable of spelling out the details of the plan.

Everything from the color palette to button size was a strategic decision. The layout of the information had to be straightforward and concise.

When dealing with financial information simple is always better.

With the website in place, parents and individuals with disabilities have access to valuable information that gives them greater confidence to plan for the future.