Enable Savings Plan

Ethical banking + design = empowerment

Living with a disability is challenging enough without being forced to remain poor or face a reduction or loss of public benefits based on how much money you save.

Before the ABLE Act, eligibility for a wide variety of public benefits required individuals to report more than $2,000 in cash savings, retirement funds and other items of significant value.

The ABLE Act makes it possible for eligible persons and their families to establish ABLE savings accounts that will largely not affect their eligibility for Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid and other public benefits. Better yet, the income earned by the accounts will not be taxed.

When First National Bank, an existing program manager for the Nebraska Educational Savings Trust (NEST 529) program, sought to again partner with the state to offer an ABLE savings account, it needed a brand identity for the program. We created that identity – the ENABLE Savings Plan.

The strategy included creating an identity that speaks to the audience using a balance of compassion, approachability and expertise. Showing understanding and offering a solution, backed by knowledge, moved First National Bank forward in its plan to support the financial needs of eligible people and their families.

The brand included the logo, voice and tone, and communications tools. Implementing a brand management website further supported the financial institution’s internal team to help expand and maintain the integrity of the brand.

As with many brand strategy projects, Daake’s role went well beyond logo creation. We also worked closely with the First National Bank team to develop a video that would support the organization in pitching the program to representatives of the State of Nebraska and Nebraska State Treasurer. We also helped plan and execute a press conference to help the program gain traction from the start.


It can be difficult to manage every asset a brand has, especially when the task falls on one person or a small team. This is near impossible when sending digital assets to a sales team or agents acting on behalf of the brand.

In the case of Enable Savings Plan, we created an online brand management tool to be a hub for all things Enable.

This not only saves time, but the marketing team can easily access (or refer team members to) one centralized program.

The ENABLE Savings Plan launched successfully, becoming a valuable service for people with disabilities and their families.


Through branding the ENABLE Savings Plan unique advantages easy to access and understand.

It’s a program that helps put money in the bank for people who really need it.

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