Bringing clarity to a well-crafted brand

For more than 40 years, DMSi has produced business software solely for the lumber and building materials industry. The company knows its audience, but struggled with differentiating itself from the competition. It needed a branding expert to help tell its story.


Developing software solely for the lumber and building materials industry makes DMSi the perfect match.

Software companies typically focus on their program-solving capabilities, or product sophistication. Flip through any industry publication and you’ll see page after page of devices and bulleted features or images of construction sites. Daake helped DMSi create a brand effort that pivoted away from the norm. Rather, this campaign brought technology and people together, illustrating the point that growing a business takes more than technology.

The DMSi campaign used web and print elements to express the company’s commitment to the industry in unexpected ways. Using the phrase, Your Software Soulmate, the campaign began tying DMSi to the core of someone’s business.

A soulmate isn’t for right now.
DMSi is here for you, today and forever.


Daake helped DMSi recognize how to effectively position itself as distinctly different than the competition. Telling its story by leading with the fact that DMSi develops software only for the lumber and building materials industry makes it easy for an audience to remember the brand. It also builds instant credibility and confidence.

Taking a queue from the brand campaign, a series of product-specific ads were created. The tone and feel of the pieces reflected that of the brand campaign, however, the photography played into the usage of the product to help trigger a different message. These elements brought in hard-hitting facts about the product while upholding the brand equity being established at the same time.