Clarkson College

Rebranding to communicate sophistication

Clarkson College’s brand was losing steam.

Founded in 1888 as Nebraska’s first school of nursing, Clarkson College had evolved into a leading coeducational institution preparing individuals for various roles in a growing array of healthcare disciplines.

Although the school had progressed, its brand wasn’t keeping up.

Respondents in a creative audit described the brand and its imagery as unsophisticated, immature, and lacking the prestige of a well-established educational institution.

It became clear the original brand was in desperate need of a focal point – something that captured the college’s rich tradition and core values. Clarkson’s leadership wanted a clear, concise image to underscore the fundamental elements and prominent reputation that set the institution apart.


Our task was clear.

We needed to renew the perception of a successful, first-rate, highly-respected healthcare education program.

The original brand had several elements with strong equity, including the Clarkson College logo. We chose a darker blue to emphasize the serious and professional nature of the college. The “ray-like” bars were eliminated from the shield to add a level of confidence to the mark, and to create more practical uses for the symbol in smaller applications.

The revised look features a modern tagline and a shield emblem in a more appropriate and elegant size, accompanied by typography that puts emphasis on the name “Clarkson.”

From that foundation, Daake supported the updated identity with print and marketing collateral, fresh advertising, environmental media, and a new website.

The revised brand gives clarity to the Clarkson vision.

It elevates the college in the minds of its students and the community. And, it offers the institution an identity with enough strength to stand the test of time.