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Archetype Discovery

Your business card tells us what you do. Your archetype
tells us why.

Every brand has an archetype — a model that describes its foundational strengths. Is your business built on stewardship and accountability? Do you value wisdom and rational decision-making? Defining the core principles that drive your business will help to determine your archetype and create a brand that truly represents who you are – not just what you sell.

People aren’t just looking for something to buy. They are looking for something to buy into.

The beer examples shown here categorize the brands into the appropriate 12 archetypes. These brands consistently express a pattern of behavior that aligns with the designated archetype. By being true to the soul of your brand, you can attract an audience that shares in your brand’s beliefs, values and aspirations. This insight allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper, emotional level.

The Archetype Discovery process will help you reveal your true personality.

We’ve developed a series of exercises designed to help draw out the key values and philosophies of your brand in an effort to create a more genuine presence both internally and externally.

Discoveries include: Identifying your greatest strengths and challenges, ranking of core values, core desires, goals and more. In the end, a primary and secondary archetype is discovered and the personality traits, attributes and characteristics of these archetypes are presented. Try our free quiz for a 3 minute assessment of your brand’s true personality.


Answer ten quick questions to see which quadrant your brand’s archetype is in.

Free Assessment

A half-day, collaborative workshop between your team and ours.

Build team unity, get to know your brand and put your strengths into action. During the workshop we ask probing questions, engage you with interactive debates and facilitate open dialogue about the persona of your brand.

Put your archetype into action.

We’ve identified four key areas where you can apply your new brand insights: Your team, hiring practices, marketing expressions and new business. At the close of your archetype discovery session, you’ll be armed with a list of action items to help you evaluate your company and implement your archetype into day-to-day activities.

Want to learn more or schedule your archetype discovery workshop?