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A painless collaboration.

These four phases guide our rebranding process
to turn leadership's intentions into a meaningful brand.

  • Analyze
  • Define & Plan
  • Create
  • Implement & Launch
Process Details
  • 1Analyze

    Immerse ourselves into your brand.

    We learn what motivates you, why it motivates you and what the public thinks of you.

    • Interview key leaders
    • Clarify vision, strategies, goals and values
    • Research your market’s consumer and brand perceptions
    • Conduct existing brand(s) and brand architecture audit
    • Conduct Archetype Discovery™

    Read our e-book: Transformative Rebranding

    Archetypes are universal characters, stories and psychological patterns that humans have identified themselves with since the beginning of time.

  • 2Define & Plan

    Identify and fine-tune your brand.

    We study the information gathered and deliver insight with truthful objectivity.

    • Synthesize learnings
    • Clarify brand strategy
    • Develop the brand platform
    • Create brand attributes
    • Plan a course of action

    Read our e-book: Separating Brand Wheat from Brand Chaff

    This mood board led to the creation of the Dante Pizzeria Brand.

  • 3Create

    Express your brand.

    It’s time to courageously create something meaningful, powerful and enduring.

    • Finalize brand voice and tone
    • Design your brand identity
    • Test trademark availability
    • Examine applicability
    • Finalize brand architecture
    • Prioritize brand applications

    Read our e-book: 10 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Rebranding

    Logo studies and concepts from the
    Nebraska Medicine and UNMC rebrand.

  • 4Implement & Launch

    Unveil your brand.

    The launch of a new brand is a uniquely powerful, one-time opportunity.

    • Finalize identity solution
    • Initiate trademark protection
    • Develop launch strategy and plan
    • Develop and launch Brandwise™ (our online brand guidelines tool)
    • Launch internally then externally

    Read our e-book: Five Hidden Benefits of Rebranding

    Our proprietary online brand guidelines tool, Brandwise™, is built specifically for complex brands. It helps you easily manage all the complexities of disseminating, socializing and policing your brand.

Let’s get started.