Unburied Treasure: Chapter 9 of “HOW TO Rebrand a Hospital”

To everyone else, it was a block of marble. But to Michelangelo, it was an angel, and he carved until he set it free.

The strongest leader has great vision. He or she sees what is beneath the surface and works with others to build upon that vision and set it free.

Scratching the surface is never enough in a rebrand. Now is the time to dig deeply, to ask and answer the tough questions, and to set the course for the next five years, and the next 50.

It isn’t easy. It wasn’t for Michelangelo, and it won’t be for you. Successful rebranding takes time. It takes thinking and rethinking. It takes refinement and tweaking and adjusting and all those pauses that eventually get you to your destination. Most of all, it requires getting down into your brand’s very being. Because the questions you should be asking – along with the answers you need to find – aren’t sitting there on the surface.

Here are five ways to unearth the hidden benefits in a rebrand:

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