Rebranding: 5 Articles to Help Leaders Kick The Tires

“Do you think we should rebrand?”

This question often bubbles to the surface in a leadership meeting. The idea gets tossed back and forth until the topic is on the back burner to the next meeting. And then the next month. It needs further mental digestion.

But at some point, the heat always increases and the bubbling starts to look more like a steady boil. The industry is transforming, or a competitor hired an ambitious CEO.

Regardless, you’ll need information on rebranding to determine when it suits your situation.

We’ve curated a short list of articles to help you kick the tires. Each piece should take 3-5 minutes. Read one a day and the whole list will take a week.

Day 1: Five Warning Signs You Need a Rebrand

Usually, organizations contemplating a rebrand have a handful of issues battling for attention. Identifying the single most important issue is half the battle.

Read this article to start getting clarity on your primary problem. Clarity will be valuable when it comes time to brief your internal team.

Day 2: Why Your Company Doesn’t Need Another Ad Campaign

Everyone, both inside and outside your organization, has a strong opinion of your brand. And everyone sees their perspective through rose-colored glasses.

Especially the marketing department.

And for good reason; they swim in the visual aspects of the brand every day. But being up close can also be blinding.

Many marketing teams wish for a bigger budget to produce a new campaign. And campaigns can help maintain a market position. But instead of another campaign, you might need to change the conversation about your brand.

This article discusses big-picture strategy and helps you look beyond next year’s budget.

Day 3: Advertising Agency vs. Branding Firm

Many companies in our industry claim they can do everything. But listing a capability on their website doesn’t mean it is a core strength. Each type of creative company will also approach your problem from a different point of view.

Public relations, branding, advertising and marketing are industry relatives. But having the same last name doesn’t mean they see eye-to-eye on how to solve problems.

Read this article for three reasons:

•Further define your potential communication goals
•Assess the strengths/weaknesses of your in-house creative teams
•Identify who in the market can provide relevant solutions

Day 4: Ebook – Five Hidden Benefits of Rebranding

Potters must wet clay before shaping. Once wet, the material molds with ease.

Likewise, leaders who guide their teams into a rebrand can usher in the long-awaited winds of change. Crusty office politics, organizational structures, business strategies, core values –all put on your potter’s wheel.

Savvy CEOs are familiar with every tool at their disposal to push organizations forward. This ebook highlights five tools introduced in a rebrand.

Day 5: Ebook – 10 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Rebranding

This final article provides you with a gut-check before taking your findings back to the team.

If you decide to initiate any kind of branding process, be it a brand evolution or revolution, be sure your creative partner knows how to understand your business. You want them to see your entire brand through the lens of informed strategy, not ego.

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