HOW TO rebrand a hospital: Greg’s First Book!

Our Principal & Creative Director, Greg Daake, worked closely with our Senior Writer, Nick Schinker, to bottle years of healthcare branding expertise into a book! Navigating the varying levels of healthcare bureaucracy can be challenging and often confusing, especially without guidance. This book seeks to provide guideposts, benchmarks, and helpful tips for the professional anticipating brand change.  Now available on Amazon.

Below is the foreword:

I met Greg Daake, author of this book and founder of DAAKE, back in 2002.  He quickly became a valued consultant and advisor to me and our marketing and communications leadership at Nebraska Medicine during my time there over a 13-year period.  At the time, I served as the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategy Development, reporting to the President and Chief Executive Officer.

I worked closely with Greg on numerous projects over the years involving the development and execution of brand strategy.  Stakeholders included staff, faculty, students, volunteers, senior executives, board members, major donors, community leaders and news media.  Internal stakeholders who were engaged and united exceeded 10,000.

Greg has a unique and special blend of talents.  He can absorb and consider a tremendous amount of complex and conflicting input, and quickly translate it into transformative insights and results.  He’s a catalyst for change, harnessing an organizing power, positivity and confidence that becomes contagious – even amidst the most challenging of circumstances.  In the processes Greg plans and executes, everyone feels heard and understood.

Iconic brands express personality and feeling which is durable over time.  They unite people around a promise, an expectation, and most importantly an experience.  Truly successful branding involves psychology, sociology, philosophy and entrepreneurial thinking.  Greg has a keen understanding of what it takes to stimulate the energy and focus required for launching a branding strategy.

Health care brands present a unique challenge – unlike Nike, Apple or Coke, health or medical care services provide an unsought good.  In large healthcare organizations, it is common to find a family of legacy brands and donor-named entities that carry history, equity and expectations.  Greg has an expert understanding of the DNA behind successful health care brands. He also understands what it takes to successfully reinvent an organization’s identity through a comprehensive rebranding process.

What excites me most about this book is that Greg has successfully captured the most valuable insights for any health care organization considering a rebranding.  It’s a rare and well-defined blueprint for administrative leaders, clinical leaders, marketing and planning professionals, governance officials and other stakeholders who often lead or participate in such an effort.  And if his insights here are used, results will include stakeholder buy-in, measurable results and a strong and lasting outcome.

-Tadd M. Pullin, FACHE, MHA, MA
Senior Vice President of Institutional Advancement
The University of Texas
MD Anderson Cancer Center

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