Iowa Western Displays Signify Excellence

The creative team at DAAKE designed two visually engaging environmental displays at Iowa Western Community College that serve to highlight the college’s mission, the excellence of the faculty and staff, and the dedication of the board of trustees.



The displays, placed prominently in high-traffic areas at the college, achieve several objectives. The first display showcases several service awards presented that honor individuals who exemplify the goal of “Living Our Mission & Values.” The award recipients’ names and photographs acknowledge their embodiment of the college’s core values: Caring, Commitment and Challenge.


The second display draws attention to the college’s mission statement and its board of trustees, complete with each member’s photo and brief biography. The goal is to remind those who see the display to always work together to achieve that mission.


The display walls incorporate the Iowa Western Community College brand in a consistent and compelling manner. The various materials and textures create visual interest, complement the existing interior design, and provide the rigidity and stability necessary in the busy area.

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