How Engagement During a Rebrand Leads to More Measurable ROI


When leaders start considering a rebrand, the words “return on investment” often prevent any forward movement. Proving ROI as part of a rebrand can be challenging, but if your reason why is supported with clearly identified goals, it’s not impossible. Add a thoughtful plan for engaging team members along the way, and your path to measurable results becomes an easier road.

What leaders need to keep in mind is that the return on a rebrand investment may not be measurable in dollars and cents right out of the gate. What can be measured is the happiness and support of internal teams. If they buy into the new direction (or not), leaders should understand that they’re telling someone how they feel and what they believe about the values and direction of the company. Over time, these behaviors can have a significant impact on the outcome of the rebrand. For example, if a company tries to implement new sales tools without first engaging those expected to use it, they’ll have a much harder time seeing any positive change. Those team members who feel part of the process, and valued, are much more likely to move mountains in order to help the company they work for succeed.

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