Ebook: The Critical Path of a Rebrand

Envision a destination and watch what happens along the way.

With a rebrand, the end is really a good place to start.

That may sound ambiguous, but it’s true. Having a goal in mind is the easy part. Most leaders can say they want to update an aging corporate image, or stake a bigger market claim, or introduce their company to a new audience or any number of rebranding goals.

The trouble is, looking too far ahead ignores everything that must take place along the way: the process.

Try to think of the rebranding process as a version of the game show “Jeopardy.” Beginning with the goal is like having the answer before you come up with the correct question.

There is a critical path that every successful rebrand must follow. There are steps to be taken and answers to be determined. As long as you ask the right questions.


How well do you know yourself?

It isn’t as simple as looking in a mirror. Even then, your view is limited. Nothing more than a one-dimensional reflection. To learn not only what motivates you but also why it motivates you, we need to look deeper. Beyond the surface and the obvious highlights and flaws. That’s the stuff everyone sees. That’s too easy.

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