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The process of really rebranding brings to light who are you. What do you stand for? What is this tribe that you seek to attract? And when you add a lot of research and insight to that, and you have a very clear picture of that, it becomes pretty simple to write that story and attract the kinds of people who want to be in that tribe.

You might have a burgeoning college athletic program that’s trying to compete with traditional powers like an Alabama. Take Oregon, for example. They got on the map because they have 500 uniform combinations, right.

Nike went in there and said, “We’re going to revolutionize uniforms,” and that became their thing. That’s their brand now. Alabama would never do that, because that’s not who they are, and they understand the traditions and the story, nostalgia of what they are.

So what is it for your brand? Are we looking backward and building on the history? Or are we trying to burn a new path to the future with it?

You get clarity on that when you’re trying to figure out who are we. What do we stand for? Who do we want to attract to this?

Some brands are very much on the bleeding edge, and some are very much about the 1700s. Coke and Pepsi is the perfect example of that. Coke is all about yesteryear, history, tradition, nostalgia. Pepsi can’t be in the future enough. They always have the latest pop star, the next-generation. They have to change their logo every few years. They have to.

And so what is it for your brand? And the act of understanding this brand, of understanding who you are, of understanding who your tribe is, who is attracted to it, will bring a lot of clarity and enlightenment to those decisions on how far do we go. What do we honor of the past? Are we super-innovative? Are we tried and true? Where are we in this spectrum? And all the expressions around that, the brand promise, the brand identity, what it feels like to go there and buy something from you, all those make sense once you have that platform to stand on.

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