Ebook: The 10 Most Important Moments in a Rebrand

The rebranding process has many decisive moments, each with its own relevance and weight.

It’s all important…

Sedan or SUV, there are essentials that make whatever you drive a working automobile. It has to have an engine. A fuel source. Wheels. Seats. A protective shell. A system for steering. A system for braking. Lights. While your car/truck/SUV may still run without one or another of these elements, it isn’t a complete automobile until each part is present and working properly.

The same is true with a rebrand.

You might think there is one most important moment in a rebranding – the unveiling. It’s the moment when you put the key in the ignition and see if it runs. But it isn’t the only important moment. There are others, each with its own relevance. They are spread throughout the rebranding process, from the very first meeting to the weeks following the grand unveiling.

Here are 10 we’ve identified as the most important:

Number 1: The moment you gain a deep understanding of where you are today.

Sometimes we have to look in the rear view mirror to see just how far we’ve come. How has your organization grown? Where did you come from and how have you changed? What is your market today and how does it differ from five years ago? How will it change five years from now? You need to determine the perception of your own brand ….

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