Ebook: 10 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Rebranding

Rebranding will provide a solution only if you can identify the problem.

Rebranding is a investment.

That’s why it shouldn’t be undertaken on a whim. Just because you feel like it’s time for a rebrand isn’t enough of a reason. Brands don’t have expiration dates. Rebranding because “everyone else is doing it” isn’t a good enough reason, either. There has to be a problem to solve.

You know your objectives and challenges, and you know the ones your organization hasn’t been able to meet.

  • Is the market shrinking?
  • Do you have an outdated or a misleading image?
  • Have you lost connection with your audience?
  • Has your company evolved while its brand stagnated?
  • Is your message disjointed, convoluted or just plain confused?

Now you’re thinking.

The first step in any journey is to select a destination. With rebranding, that means identifying the problem. Without knowing the problem there can be no solution. And don’t have the misconception that rebranding by itself is the solution. It is a process comprised of several essential steps all specifically designed to take your organization from point A to point B. A rebrand is the journey, and in this case, it is the destination that counts.

Let’s take a look at those questions.

Question 1: What is the problem?

Aside from the few people who have an annual physical, the vast majority of us go to the doctor when we have a problem. It can be a cough, or a pain, or a fever or a combination of any of the above. Even if it’s as general as, “My back hurts,” we still have a problem we can describe. It’s up to the doctor to ask more questions, develop a diagnosis and determine the proper prescription, treatment or therapy. That is the process that will deliver a solution to the patient…

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