Internships FAQ


What should I know about Daake’s internship program?

We bring on a few interns from a variety of backgrounds throughout the year. There’s no coffee – or donut-fetching involved. Actually, we really value our interns and put them to work right alongside our full-time team members. Our interns are given real work so they can learn to tackle challenges and have a real opportunity to impact our projects, pitches and culture. We don’t guarantee it, but it’s not uncommon for an intern to join our team after their internship is up. Being an intern at Daake is an exciting opportunity to learn, gain experience, and have a lot of fun.


What is the deadline for internship applications?

Like any position at Daake, our intern needs vary. However, we typically begin posting intern opportunities around the first of the year. Because we treat interns like any other full-time team member, you’ll find the internship postings on the contact us page by our jobs. Deadlines, requirements, and anything else you need to know will be posted in the same area.


How long do your internships last?

Most of our internships last three months, beginning in June and running through the end of the summer when the school year starts. That being said, we’re not opposed to working with your schedule to make sure you get the most out of your time here.


Are your interns paid?

Of course, silly! Any Daake intern should be prepared to work hard, and get paid for it.


Who can apply for an internship?

Our interns are typically entering their senior year of college, however there have been exceptions in the past. What’s more important is whether or not you can display exceptional skill and high-quality work in the area you’ve been hired for. We look for candidates who are passionate about their specialized area, who have a clear point-of-view regarding their work, and who are proactive and eager to learn. Daake has a team-oriented culture, and we want students who both play well with others and can self-direct.


Do you consider people on sabbatical or going through a career transition for your internships?

Our internships are intended for students pursuing degrees in the creative brand design field.


Are there certain types of projects I’ll work on?

Our interns work alongside our full-time employees on real Daake projects. Your time will likely include brainstorms, development of ideas, observations, and everything else we love about creative brand design. It may include client meetings, presentations, and travel. It will not include making copies or taking lunch orders, unless you’re doing it for yourself.


How do I apply?

Email us a resume and cover letter to the address on the intern page. Design applicants should include a PDF or URL of their electronic portfolio.

Your application will be reviewed, and someone will reach out directly if we’d like to schedule an interview. Should your application match the role requirements, you will likely hear from us within a month of applying.


I still have questions. Is there someone I can speak with?

Unfortunately, informal interviews aren’t an option. If you have a question that’s not answered here, please send an email to Just don’t use this email for submitting application materials; doing so will not work in your favor.  


Can I include Daake projects in my portfolio after my internship there?

Please do! We know and understand the importance of building a great portfolio. All we ask is that you represent us and the work we do together in the best possible way.


What kind of time commitment does a Daake internship require?

We would love for you to be at the office 40 hours/week. We feel the purpose of an internship is to learn and absorb as much as possible in the short time that you will be with us. That being said, we’re always willing to work around your schedule. We get it; we were in college once, too.