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Case Study


A rebrand to simplify the patient experience.


For years, Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital and OrthoWest, both located in Omaha pursued similar goals. Each strived to offer leadership and an outstanding patient experience for a range of musculoskeletal needs. Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital is the region’s first dedicated orthopaedic hospital, while OrthoWest is the largest orthopaedic and musculoskeletal practice in the state. As their partnership grew, so did confusion in the marketplace. To help create a more seamless patient experience, the two organizations made the decision to rebrand as OrthoNebraska. Working together, the two entities can strengthen their partnership and become a destination for comprehensive musculoskeletal care. DAAKE was asked to provide guidance through the rebranding process, create the name and brand identity elements.


The logo for OrthoNebraska serves as a key element in helping patients understand they are receiving the highest level of care across the musculoskeletal spectrum. Graphically, the logo is representative of a journey— two entities working together, following the same path. The color palette reflects a positive, healing tone and the circular motion creates a sense of forward movement, which supports the brand promise of Journey On.

“Daake was an extension of our team – providing clarity and guidance in making our vision a reality.”

Levi Scheppers

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