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Case Study

Nebraska Medicine & UNMC

Bringing ten thousand people together as one


Nebraska Medicine is the most esteemed academic medical center in the region offering exceptional patient care combined with innovative research and education. Committed to advancing quality health care, Nebraska Medicine represents the clinical integration of The Nebraska Medical Center, the state’s largest and highest rated hospital, Bellevue Medical Center and UNMC Physicians.

As Nebraska’s only public academic health sciences center, UNMC is committed to the education of a 21st century health care work force, to finding cures and treatments for devastating diseases, to providing the best care for patients, and to serving our state and its communities through award-winning outreach. UNMC also is committed to embracing the richness of diversity, and is a major economic engine for the state of Nebraska.

Identity and Brand Architecture

The Challenge

Across America, traditional health care provider institutions of all kinds and sizes are challenged to respond to profound and rapid change in their social, technological, financial and especially regulatory environments. For many, consolidations offer the best promise of sustained, enhanced service excellence, as well as urgently needed cost reduction.

The newly integrated enterprise needs the branding strategy to definitively establish its unique presence in a competitively crowded marketplace. More importantly, it needs the identity, which will best support its leaders’ intentions – their vision, in effect, for the evolving entity.

Leaders intend for a culture newly united in its shared passion for clinical service excellence, sustainable at expanded scale. These two thoughts, unity and transformation, can be powerful drivers of a significant branding event.

Website and Web-based Brand Manager, Brandwise™

“If you have some strategic goals that are not being met, rebranding is one way to accomplish those goals. It is a way to put a punctuation mark on the past and to build a meaningful future. And, there’s no better way to do it than through rebranding.”

Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D.
UNMC chancellor and chairman of the Nebraska Medicine Advisory Board

Advertising, Print and Publications

The Strategy, Name and Identity Criteria

“The confidence that we had in relationship with the Daake organization and the competence that they demonstrated throughout the process was truly remarkable.

This was incredible in the way it was handled.”

Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D.
UNMC chancellor and chairman of the Nebraska Medicine Advisory Board


  • Understand all stakeholders’ brand vision
  • Move from a destination brand to an extendable brand with global recognition
  • Signal substantive change – ‘the reset button’
  • Retain and enhance existing brand equity
  • Visually express close ties with UNMC

Name and Identity Criteria

  • Name criteria: Authoritative, formal, elevated, carry a certain gravitas, aligned with our academic medical centers peers and reflective of our serious personality.
  • Identity criteria: Confident, leading, bold, thriving, courageous, essential

Outdoor Advertising

“At a very pivotal time in our history… Daake really helped to unify us, to engage us in the process, brought tremendous expertise, really allowed us to take a deeper look at what we were trying to accomplish to ensure that what we came up with made sense and would be compelling and true internally. That we would feel comfortable and proud to project externally.”

Tadd M. Pullin, FACHE
Senior Vice President Marketing and Planning
Nebraska Medicine

Motion Graphics

The Impact

The brand promise “Serious Medicine. Extraordinary Care.” was our equity bridge to the new brand. Nebraska Medicine has tested it’s recall strength for many years. Six months after the new brand launched there was a spike.


The most important thing we learned

Even when there is a seemingly endless amount of complexity, stakeholders and strong opinions… with a tenacious vision a brand identity can emerge that is intellectually meaningful, visually refined and personality appropriate. In fact, being granted access and influence alongside brilliant leaders strengthens every molecule of our work.

Signage, apparel and more...

What our client had to say about the experience

“In the process we generated a lot of fans so by the time it was launched it was a home run.”

Tadd M. Pullin, FACHE
Senior Vice President Marketing and Planning
Nebraska Medicine