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Case Study

Enhance Health Network

Combined strengths to incite change


In 2013 a small group of independent healthcare providers came together to form the Regional Provider Network (RPN). Working together, this network combined strengths in an effort to enhance health at the community level through clinical integration and shared services. As the network has continued to establish its mission, the organization looked to DAAKE to help rename and brand the entity. In November 2015, RPN was re-launched as the Enhance Health Network.

The Enhance Health Network includes nine founding healthcare systems and 57 healthcare organizations and physicians. As a network, these organizations are facilitating high-quality, affordable care through innovation, collaboration and education.


The Challenge

With member organizations spanning the state of Nebraska and portions of Iowa and Missouri, it was imperative to create a brand that can be integrated into existing, independent providers’ marketing elements. Supporting its focus on collaboration was also key to launching this brand successfully. The network’s brand strategy began with an archetype discovery and in-depth conversation regarding how the network’s brand can exist within each organization’s independent brand identity. Working together, leaders from each member organization were involved in the re-branding process.


  • Establish a brand essence that can easily share space with each member’s existing brand identity
  • Move from a generalized name to one that exudes greater energy and purpose
  • Visually stand a part from all existing member brand expressions
  • Support the collaborative environment by creating an online resource to house communications tools, examples and news

Name Criteria

  • Progressive and action-oriented to reflect the mission and guiding principles of the network
  • Reflect leadership in the marketplace
  • Must be able to stand alone, avoiding acronyms

The Result

Brand expression elements that support each entity and the network as a whole.

“From start to finish, DAAKE took us through a thoughtful, data-driven process for rebranding our organization that resulted in a name and brand that was readily embraced by all 66 members of ENHANCE.”

Michael Hein, M.D.
Enhance Health Network, LLC



Web-Based Brand Manager, Brandwise

To support the network’s collaborative spirit, the DAAKE team created an online resource center where members can access brand guidelines and files, as well as examples of how other members are implementing the Enhance brand into their own marketing efforts.

“Working with DAAKE was a pleasure, often times fun, as they interjected our journey with intelligence, humor, and a lively seriousness about our project. I know that we will continue to turn to them for guidance and support as organization grows and matures.”

Michael Hein, M.D.
Enhance Health Network, LLC

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